Jordan Genovese is a registered and licensed Master’s level Occupational Therapist. She graduated in 2012 from The Sage Colleges in New York state. Jordan worked throughout the United States as a traveling therapist before landing in Alaska and joining the PLPT team in 2016.

She has expertise in working with children to foster the development of social-emotional learning, insight, regulation, and sensory/motor skills. Her priority is working to address the whole child and collaborating with/educating families and caregivers to assure the best possible outcome.

Jordan’s specialties include Therapeutic Listening (certified), Neuro-developmental Treatment (NDT), Primitive Reflexes, Beckman Oral Motor Assessment & Intervention (certified), and she is a Trauma-Informed therapist.

Outside of the OT world, Jordan enjoys hiking, canoeing, cross country skiing, meditating, and doing yoga with her husband, three-year daughter, and two dogs.