Palmer Pediatric Speech Therapy

Pediatric Speech Therapy in Palmer Alaska

Palmer Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathology services are now offered only at our Palmer location. Here our speech therapists work with children and young adults who have a variety of communication difficulties and speech disorders. Speech therapy works on communication challenges, both expressively and receptively, that cause children to have difficulties with verbal interaction. Our therapists are licensed speech-language pathologists with the specialized skills to treat speech and language disorders as well as establish their causes, prevention, and treatment. Our speech therapists are able to work with all ages of children focusing on age-appropriate speech and communication milestones.

We offer personalized therapy for a wide variety of speech and language disorders including articulation, language, and social pragmatic deficits. Through the integration of creative therapy methods including, but not limited to, the use of music, books, sign language, play, and take-home activities, our practice provides a fun and effective learning atmosphere. In addition, our speech therapists help our patients practice communicating in social situations by helping them organize their thoughts during conversation and learn how to utilize necessary problem-solving skills during interactions with others. In some cases, our therapists are trained to help provide and train our patients and caregivers in the use of augmented and alternative communication devices.

Skills Addressed in Speech Therapy:

  • Receptive language – understanding language, following directions, logically answering questions, organizational thought process
  • Expressive language – communication with phrases and sentences, vocabulary, labeling items
  • Articulation – production of speech sounds, clarity of speech, motor planning of specific speech sounds
  • Pragmatic language – using language to communicate with others (sign language, verbal language, or another communication tool), staying on topic, turn-taking in conversation
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication – Picture Exchange for Communication (PECs), use of communication book or tablet
  • Phonological Awareness/Reading skills – letter/sound identification, sound blending, reading comprehension, dyslexia

Our goal is to give every child an opportunity to communicate and thrive. With our personalized approach, we are able to help each child with their communication needs. Our therapists are able to focus their treatment sessions specifically on the patient’s goals to help improve their verbal and nonverbal interaction.

  • Speech Therapists

    Our Speech Therapists are here to help your child improve their communication skills and gain the confidence needed to engage others in discussion. They are highly trained and specialize in the needs of children. Be sure to visit our Therapists page to meet everyone.

What a great place. Everyone is kind and caring and really works with you personally. They were wonderful with my infant son. We are moving out of state and are sad to leave this place behind! Thank you all at Playful learning pediatric therapy!

They go above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Playful Learning is AMAZING! When our kiddos were struggling, Playful Learning stepped in to meet their needs. Our kids are excited to go and always have wonderful things to say when I pick them up.

Thank you, Playful Learning

“Both of my boys received the best care and therapy from the staff at Playful Learning. In addition to receiving top-notch therapy, we gained an invaluable support system and new friends. We are grateful for the effort they put into negotiating schedules for two of our children and the location is perfect for the Chugiak and Eagle River residents. I highly recommend!” ~ Terri

“We absolutely loved Playful Learning and everyone there! They were wonderful and we were very sad when we had to move away from Alaska!” ~ T Nora

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