Areas of Child Development Addressed

Combining education, experience and care to help your child overcome developmental challenges

  • General developmental delay/delay in developmental milestones

  • Challenges with fine motor skills

  • Delays in gross motor skills

  • Trouble with reading/writing

  • Decreased motor control

  • Decreased eye hand coordination

  • Difficulty transitioning or accepting change in environment or routine

  • Difficulty with visual perception

  • Overly sensitive to sensory input

  • Under responsive to sensory input

  • Touches people or objects constantly (seeking sensory input)

  • Crashes and/or bangs into people or objects

  • Falls often (poor balance)

  • Difficulty calming self

  • Difficulty with sleeping

  • Difficulty with eating and food choices (picky and problem feeders)

  • Delayed oral motor skills (challenges with suck/swallow, breast feeding, slow bottle feeding, difficulties with chewing/gagging with foods)

  • Difficulty with sitting still, attention, and/or behavior Emotional reactivity

  • Reactive to feel of clothing, baths, haircuts, nail cutting, or tooth brushing

  • Limited play skills

  • Poor social development

  • Limited independence in self care skills

Continuing Education

Our therapists are active in their profession and remain informed of the latest therapeutic tools and techniques.