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Mom’s need care too.

As a new patient or while you wait for your child’s therapy, a physical therapist can discuss your post-delivery concerns in our dedicated, Women’s Health examining room.


What can physical therapy do for me?

Your therapist will examine your lower back, hip, and pelvis since these are common areas of referred pain from the pelvic floor. The physical therapist will provide you with home exercises and additional advice on how to address the above concerns. Your therapist’s goal is to help you get back to feeling healthy and normal again.

What does pelvic dysfunction look like?

Women’s pelvic health physical therapy addresses issues related to prolapse, constipation, pelvic pain with exercise, intercourse, accidental leaking with exercise or leaking with daily living tasks.

  • The Facts

    94% of women have some degree of prolapse.

  • The lifetime risk of undergoing surgery for prolapse or urinary incontinence is approximately 11.1% by age 80.

  • The loss of pelvic floor muscle support is only one of the many risk factors for developing prolapse.

Women’s Health is a service provided at Playful Learning Pediatric Therapy, LLC in a private, dedicated, clinical space.


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womens health clinic in Eagle River, Alaska can address prolapse, constipation, pelvic pain with exercise, intercourse pain, accidental leaking.

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